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Dear Lucas,

Stand up for the middle clas. Who do you want leading America? Don't let the GOP win. Left to go:291,000 Deadline: Midnight Tuesday. Contribute
You can't build a house from the chimney down, and you can't build a society from the wealthy down. Without a good foundation, it all crumbles in front of you.
Somebody needs to tell Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.
They're not fighting for the middle class, children and working families. They're only interested in helping the top rung on the economic ladder. They'd do just fine under a total Republican takeover.
But everyone else wouldn't. America wouldn't. And that's why I need your help.
The DSCC's make-or-break FEC deadline is tonigt, and they still need $291,000. Fall short, and they can't fully defend President Obama and the Senate. They can't prevent a President Gingrich. They can't stop these Republicans from taking total control of Congress and hurting the very people who need our help.
Please make an immediate $5 or $10 gift to the DSCC. It's the single best way to ensure that working families keep their voice in Washington!
We're in for one heck of a fight this year. Thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, Karl Rove and his wealthy pals are free to spend whatever they want to bash our candidates. And they're already at it! My friends Sherrod Brown and Tim Kaine have already been attacked in nasty and lie-filled TV ads.
That's why it's so important that the DSCC reach this $291,000 goal. If they fall short, they won't be able to fight back. We could lose the Senate and the White House. And the middle class will pay the price.
Stand up for the middle class! Make an immediate $5 or $10 gift to the DSCC. It's the single best way to ensure that working families have a voice in Washington.
It's time that we stop giving favors to people who don't need favors. If you agree, please join me in supporting the DSCC, and thanks for jumping into the fight.
Sen. Frank Lautenberg