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nycha_nyc_housing_authority_nyreblog_com_.gifTHE NYCHA NOT WANTED LIST

Below is a partial list of names of individuals who have been excluded permanently from NYCHA's public housing developments. This list keeps residents informed of the Authority's ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life for New Yorkers in public housing and to allow for the peaceful and safe use of its facilities. The full list can be viewed at on.nyc.gov/nychanotwanted . The following are the people, with their former addresses, excluded as of October 19 and 26, November 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30, and December 7, 14, and 21, 2011.

Prohibited as of October 19, 2011

Charled Barber Mitchel Houses, 360 E 137th St., Apt. 9F, Bronx
Ismael Cruz Carey Gardens, 3031 W 25th St., Apt. 14A, Brooklyn
Demetrius Pope Ravenswood Houses, 12-20 34th Ave., Apt. 3H, Queens
Ralph Rivera Ravenswood Houses, 12-20 34th Ave., Apt. 3H, Queens
Reggie Santiago Wagner Houses, 445 E 120th St., Apt. 14E, Manhattan

Prohibited as of October 26, 2011

Armando Anderson Nostrand Houses, 3040 Avenue W, Apt. 6E, Brooklyn
Willie Billingslea Morrisania Air Rights Consolidated Houses, 3125 Park Ave., Apt. 15F, Bronx
Juan Boneu Eastchester Gardens, 3020 Yates Ave., Apt. 7F, Bronx
Tyrone Craig Bronx River Houses, 1460 Bronx River, Apt. 5J, Bronx
Jeffrey Demorh Grant Houses, 55 LaSalle St. Apt. 17C, Manhattan
Karl Yearwood O'Dywer Gardens, 3950 W 35th St., Apt. 1005, Brooklyn

Prohibited as of November 2, 2011

Anthony Alston Langston Hughes Houses, 315 Sutter Ave., Apt. 8B, Brooklyn
Oscar Benitez Castle Hill Houses, 2275 Randall Ave., Apt. 1J, Bronx
Keith Campbell King Towers, 71 W 112th St., Apt. 6A, Manhattan
Ray Dubois a/k/a Gary Dubois Drew-Hamilton Houses, 200 W 143rd St., Apt. 7J, Manhattan
Damon Guzman LaGuardia Houses, 286 South St., Apt. 7B, Manhattan
Kymkwan Hall WSUR (Site B) Houses, 74 W 92nd St., Apt. 10B, Manhattan
Angel Rodriguez Sumner Houses, 10 Lewis Ave., Apt. 9I, Brooklyn/font>
Damon Roundtree Carey Gardens Houses, 2836 W 23rd St., Apt. 11M, Brooklyn
Kashawn Shaw
a/k/a Kashawn Shah
a/k/a Kashawn Shand
a/k/a Kashawn Shawn
Murphy Private Houses, 1203 Westchester Ave., Apt. 2B, Bronx

Prohibited as of November 9, 2011

Tashari Blake Marlboro Houses, 30 Avenue V, Apt. 15G, Brooklyn
Ashlee Francis Clinton Houses, 1738 Lexington Ave., Apt. 2H, Manhattan
Richard Liranzo Wald Houses, 725 F.D.R. Dr., Apt. 7F, Manhattan
Quran Walker Ravenswood Houses, 12-22 35th Ave., Apt. 2B, Queens

Prohibited as of November 16, 2011

Kenneth Lopez Mill Brook Houses, 164 St. Ann's Ave., Apt. 15C, Bronx
Anthony Riley Polo Ground Towers, 2999 Eighth Ave., Apt. 30A, Manhattan

Prohibited as of November 23, 2011

Steven Broadhurst Farragut Houses, 233 Sands St., Apt. 3H, Brooklyn
Yaritza Valle Wald Houses, 50 Avenue D, Apt. 8G, Manhattan

Prohibited as of November 30, 2011

Jose Corujo Melrose Houses, 320 E 156th St., Apt. 6C, Bronx
Troy Dawson Pomonok Houses, 154-05 71st Ave., Apt. 3D, Queens
Robert Matos Douglass Houses, 60 W 104th St. Apt. 2B, Manhattan
Anthony Sherard Riis Houses, 1023 F.D.R. Dr., Apt. 2A, Manhattan

Prohibited as of December 7, 2011

Barry Bostic Throggs Neck Houses, 2755 Sampson Ave., Apt. 2D, Bronx
Devon McClain Lincoln Houses, 2133 Madison Ave., Apt. 3C, Manhattan
Jose Vargas Mott Haven Houses, 353 E 141st St., Apt. 20B, Bronx

Prohibited as of December 14, 2011

Luis Chapotin Chelsea Houses, 420 W 26th St., Apt. 5C, Manhattan
Wasir Gardener Red Hook West Houses, 472 Columbia St., Apt. 5C, Brooklyn
Jeremy Ortiz Chelsea Houses, 420 W 26th St., Apt. 12G, Manhattan
Aaron Stevenson Wagner Houses, 350 E 124th St., Apt. 4C, Manhattan

Prohibited as of December 21, 2011

David Gilmore Sheepshead Bay Houses, 2354 Batchelder St., Apt. 3B, Brooklyn
Alrashid Moreira Patterson Houses, 2615 Third Ave., Apt. 4A, Bronx
Michael Washington Pomonok Houses, 69-09 Kissena Blvd., Apt. 3A, Queens