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Quinn1.jpgAs you may have heard, this past month we won a major victory in our fight to protect women's access to healthcare with the NYC Council's passage of legislation regulating pregnancy service centers in New York City.


Nobody has the right to prevent a woman from taking care of her health. 


Pregnancy services centers aren't licensed by the State of New York or the federal government to provide medical or pharmaceutical services to women who are or may be pregnant, nor do they include physicians' individual or group medical practices.


To ensure that these centers are being honest and upfront about the types of services they provide, Int. 371-A will require such centers to:


  • Inform their clients whether or not they have a licensed medical provider on staff;
  • Disclose the kind of pregnancy-related services provided by the center; and
  • Provide confidentiality protections for clients' personal and health information.


We want to extend a very special thank you to everyone, especially all of the advocates, who worked and fought so hard to get this important piece of legislation passed. 


With this bill, which we expect Mayor Bloomberg to sign into law shortly, women can feel confident in their personal and legal health care decisions - and know that no one will be allowed to stand in their way.


Below are a couple of articles on the passage of Int. 371-A that we thought you might be interested in: 





You can also find detailed information about the bill on the Council's website at  www.council.nyc.gov


Thanks again to everyone who helped us win this important fight.  Your support for women's reproductive rights truly made a difference. 



Christine C. Quinn


NYC Council


Julissa Ferreras 

Chair, Women's Issues Committee

NYC Council


Maria del Carmen Arroyo

Chair, Health Committee

NYC Council


Jessica S. Lappin

Council Member & Lead Sponsor of Int. 371-A

NYC Council