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nycha_nyc_housing_authority_nyreblog_com_.gifTHE NYCHA NOT WANTED LIST

Below is a partial list of names of individuals who have been excluded permanently from NYCHA's public housing developments. This list keeps residents informed of the Authority's ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life for New Yorkers in public housing and to allow for the peaceful and safe use of its facilities. The following are the people, with their former addresses, excluded as of November 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2010.

Prohibited as of November 3, 2010

Nadia Alvarez Jacob Riis Houses, 1141 F.D.R. Drive, Apt. #5C, Manhattan
Verice Kelly Stapleton Houses, 29 Warren St., Apt. #2N, Staten Island
Jaquan Morton Stapleton Houses, 29 Warren St., Apt. #2N, Staten Island
Mariano Rivera Cary Garden Houses, 2007 Surf Avenue, Apt. #10L, Brooklyn
Larome Robinson Pomonok Houses, 155-24 Jewel Avenue, Apt. #3D, Queens
Juan Santos Mott Haven Houses, 380 East 143rd St., Apt. #18A, Bronx
Ronald Thomas Stapleton Houses, 29 Warren St., Apt. #2N, Staten Island

Prohibited as of November 10, 2010

Anthony Edmonds Smith Houses, 40 Madison St., Apt. #4G, Manhattan
Edison Guerrier Taft Houses, 1694 Madison Ave., Apt. #16A, Manhattan
Rocky Harris Red Hook West Houses, 100 Dwight St., Apt. #2B, Brooklyn
James Malloy Eastchester Garden Houses, 3010 Yates Ave., Apt. #4G, Bronx
Matthew Melendez Morrisania Air Rights Houses, 3204 Park Ave., Apt. #2G, Bronx
Shawn Rambert Lincoln Houses, 2130 Madison Ave., Apt. #2J, Manhattan
Heriberto Rivera Jefferson Houses, 2225 First Ave., Apt. #1D, Manhattan
Sal Sanchez Mariner's Harbor Houses, 177 Continental Place, Apt. #2A, Staten Island
Everton Sterling Edenwald Houses, 1141 East 229th St., Apt. #6B, Bronx
Ernest Tucker Farragut Houses, 202 York St., Apt. #10C, Brooklyn
Guy Williams Stapleton Houses, 51 Hill St., Apt. #3L, Staten Island
Michael Williamson Ocean Hill/Saratoga Houses, 55 Saratoga Ave., Apt. #3H, Brooklyn
Melvin Willis Van Dyke I Houses, 372 Blake Ave., Apt. #9A, Brooklyn

Prohibited as of November 17, 2010

Kareem Blackledge Soundview Houses, 1676 Seward Ave., Apt. #6A, Bronx
Raheem Clarke Red Hook East Houses, 16 Mill St., Apt. #4E, Brooklyn
Wesley Dixon Mariner's Harbor Houses, 150 Brabent St., Apt. #1A, Staten Island
Samuel Edmonds Webster Houses, 421 East 168th St., Apt. #8B, Bronx
Shawn Moore Linden Houses, 245 Cozine Ave., Apt. #8C, Brooklyn
Pedro Pagan Straus Houses, 344 East 28th St., Apt. #21D, Manhattan
Fred Shepard Queensbridge South Houses, 41-07 10th St., Apt. #1D, Queens
Tavon Sinceno and Sally White Millbrook Houses, 530 East 137th St., Apt. #7A, Bronx
Marvin Villegas a/k/a Marlon Villegas a/k/a Marvin Quinones Pelham Parkway Houses, 2225 Bronxwood Ave., Apt. #2B, Bronx
Sally White Millbrook Houses, 530 East 137th St., Apt. #7A, Bronx

Prohibited as of November 24, 2010

Carlos Almonte Grant Houses, 55 LaSalle St., Apt. #41, Manhattan
Raul Baez Marlboro Houses, 2220 West 11th St., Apt. #5A, Brooklyn
Amos Boone Mariner's Harbor Houses, 331 Grandview Ave., Apt. #1A, Staten Island
James Boone Mariner's Harbor Houses, 331 Grandview Ave., Apt. #1A, Staten Island
Devin Campbell Grant Houses, 430 West 125th St., Apt. #2E, Manhattan
Eric Casseus Pink Houses, 2628 Linden Blvd., Apt. #5D, Brooklyn
Samuel Coard Bushwick Houses, 390 Bushwick Ave., Apt. #13G, Brooklyn
Kevin Collado Laguardia/Two Bridges Houses, 286 South St., Apt. #22E, Manhattan
Tony George Unity Plaza Houses, 391 Georgia Ave., Apt. #1B, Brooklyn
Jesse Harrell Ocean Bay Houses, 54-74 Almeda Ave., Apt. #7C, Queens
Leroy Hart Pink Houses, 1305 Loring Ave., Apt. #31, Brooklyn
Lavar Hilson Justice Sonia Sotomayor Houses, 1810 Watson Ave., Apt. #2G, Bronx
Ricky Hollins Kingsborough Houses, 241 Kingborough 2nd Walk, Apt. #4A, Brooklyn
Bianca Roberson Adams Houses, 721 Tinton Ave., Apt. #10G, Bronx
Naiomy Rodriguez Bronx River Houses, 1575 East 174th St., Apt. #1G, Bronx
James Rogers Tilden Houses, 330 Dumont Ave., Apt. #13C, Brooklyn