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Right now, as we speak, thousands of volunteers are fanning out across California, knocking on people's doors and reminding them to vote for Barbara Boxer on Tuesday.

Think about that for a moment. It's awesome!

This massive outpouring of grassroots enthusiasm, all across our state, is the next salvo of our massive "Get Out The Vote" push before Election Day.

And now we need to have our volunteers' backs as they take Barbara's message directly to tens of thousands of voters over the next 80 hours.

Please contribute $5 now -- and fuel Barbara's "Get Out The Vote" push over these next 80 hours before the polls close on Election Day!

While Boxer supporters are going door-to-door today, there's one more big new project we're trying to fund:

We need to raise $100,000 this weekend so we can make an extra 200,000 calls to occasional Democratic voters, urging them to get to the polls on Tuesday.

Adding this extra phone outreach capacity, in addition to all of our volunteer efforts on the ground, could make the difference between winning and losing on Election Day.

Can we count on your support to fuel this last big grassroots push?

Please contribute $5 now -- and help us raise the $100,000 we need this weekend to make an additional 200,000 calls to Democratic voters!

Thanks so much for making sure we get Barbara's message out on the ground, and on the air, over these final 80 hours!


Mike Dorsey
Deputy Campaign Manager
Boxer for Senate

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