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Dear Lucas,

Please join with me today to give thanks to our veterans and active-duty soldiers for their courage and sacrifice.

As the son of a World War II veteran, I grew up with deeply rooted respect and admiration for the men and women who serve our country as selflessly as they do.

As a Congressman, I have had the opportunity to see the work of our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I so greatly admire their selfless dedication to fight for the good of all Americans and for democracy. And we can't forget the sacrifice their families and loved ones make here at home.

Our men and women serve with honor. So it has been with great pride that I have had the opportunity and privilege to fight for the wellbeing of our troops and veterans.

I've worked to secure nearly $1 million for the VA Center in Rome and am fighting to make sure that we provide our troops and veterans with the health care and support they need when they return from war.

In many ways, it's fitting that Memorial Day began officially in Waterloo, right here in the 24th Congressional District. For me, it began with my grandfather and namesake, a World War I veteran, continued with my dad, many years ago and remains a humbling day where we recognize our soldiers and veterans. Join me in honoring their service.

All the best,


Mike Arcuri