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Contribute Today "Don't retreat, RELOAD."

That's what Sarah Palin is telling her Tea Party supporters -- urging them to turn their anger toward Democratic members of Congress who courageously supported health care reform.

Palin has set her sights on 20 candidates, including four pro-choice Democratic women. Her Facebook page features a map with rifle scopes marking their districts. It's a chilling image. Now, I grew up myself in the West -- in Montana, around hunters and anglers -- and let me say this: This behavior is not the Western way -- it is not the American way. We do not put targets on the backs of fellow Americans even when we disagree.

But Palin and her growing number of followers see it differently. By targeting the "Palin Four" -- Democratic Congresswomen Ann Kirkpatrick, Gabrielle Giffords, Suzanne Kosmas, and Betsy Markey -- they are on the attack. But we won't stand for that.

Let's show Sarah Palin that the EMILY's List community stands with our friends by contributing to their campaigns today.

Click here to make a direct and immediate contribution to these women and 100% of your gift will go directly their campaigns.

These women acted courageously, and they're paying a price I never would have imagined. All stood up against the Stupak amendment to protect women's freedom, and voted for the health care bill. Since then, all have received threatening calls, e-mails, and in the case of Gabrielle Giffords, vandalism at her district office. Palin's followers and other right-wingers are angry and frustrated -- and Palin is turning their anger and frustration into resources to defeat these hard-working women.

All of our women targeted by Sarah Palin are being challenged by anti-choice, right-wing Republicans, and they need resources immediately to fight back against brutal attacks from the GOP and their right-wing allies.

Please contribute to one, two, three, or all of the "Palin Four" -- Congresswomen Ann Kirkpatrick, Gabrielle Giffords, Suzanne Kosmas, and Betsy Markey -- today, and show them that the EMILY's List community has their back.

Thank you for showing that the EMILY's List community stands with our women every step of the way.

Take care,

Stephanie Schriock