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hdr_gvccc_home.gifSay No to Gross Receipts Tax!!
Governor Paterson's 2010-2011 Executive Budget includes a proposal (not currently in effect) that would give the authority to local governments to raise the Gross Receipts Tax on utilities from 1% to 3%. For Con Edison alone, this adds up to an additional $14 million that would be passed on to Con Ed customers. In essence, this tax is another 18-a assessment, making a company a tax collector for the government.

This increase means an additional $14 million will be passed on to electric utility customers, with similar increases to be seen in water, gas and telephone bills on top of what the consumer already pays.

27% of Con Edison customer utility bills already go to various taxes, fees and assessments! Nonetheless, utility bills are still being used to address state budget shortfalls.

The GVCCC urges you to speak out by emailing your political representatives:

Email your State Assembly Member .   Don't know who your Assembly Member is?  Click here to find out.

Email your NY State Senator.  

Email Governor Paterson.