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kellner_assembly_banner_nyreblog_com_.gifKellner RIOC Reform Bill Passes Assembly

June 29, 2010

kellner.jpgThe Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is responsible for decisions that have a huge impact on the lives of Roosevelt Island residents -- from housing to transportation, parks, sanitation, and more. Islanders know that the Island only works when RIOC is accountable and responsive to the community. This is why I introduced legislation to reform RIOC , opening it up to greater community input. I'm pleased to announce that my RIOC reform bill passed the Assembly today.

This bill means that Islanders will have a greater role in the governing process--it opens up the corporation to the public and establishes the principle that Island residents must have a say in how the Island is run.

The legislation gives the public a role in the process of hiring the RIOC President -- requiring the Board of Directors to consider at least three candidates for the job and to hold hearings allowing members of the public as well as Board members to interview the candidates. It requires that meetings of the Board of Directors be subject to the state's open meetings law, and specifies that members of the public must have an opportunity to comment on all agenda items before the Board votes on those items.

The bill also provides that two of the public members of RIOC's Board of Directors will be chosen upon the recommendation of the Speaker of the Assembly and the Temporary President of the State Senate--who will make their suggestions based on consultation with the local member of the Assembly and the Senate, ensuring input for the elected officials who are most answerable to Roosevelt Island residents.

The bill's passage is a victory for Roosevelt Islanders -- a clear affirmation of residents' right to be part of the Island's decision making process.