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usa_gov_logo_nyreblog_com_.gifA farmer's market is one in which farmers, growers, or producers from a defined local area sell their own produce directly to the public. They are usually held out-of-doors, in public spaces, and all products sold have been grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the farmers. In addition, farmers' markets often feature produce that is grown naturally or organically , meats that are raised humanely on pasture, handmade farmstead cheeses, eggs and poultry from free-range fowl, as well as heirloom produce and heritage breeds of meat and fowl. Farmers markets have continued to rise in popularity, mostly due to the growing consumer interest in obtaining fresh products directly from the farm.

For  more information about farmers markets , including a link to  find local farmers markets , please visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA)  website.

National Farmers Market Week  (.PDF document) takes place August 1 through 7, 2010.

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