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kellner.jpgIn her column in today's New York Times , Susan Dominus profiles Elle's Law, legislation I introduced and passed this year in response to the tragic case of 3-year-old Elle Vandenberghe, who suffered life-changing injuries when she was struck by a driver who was backing through an intersection in an attempt to get to a parking space. Elle's Law, which was signed into law by the Governor last month, creates strong new penalties for reckless drivers, requiring for the first time that drivers who seriously injure a pedestrian while violating traffic laws will have their licenses suspended for six months -- with a full year's suspension for repeat offenders.

Elle's Law will finally get dangerous drivers off the road, protecting pedestrians and preventing innumerable future tragedies like the one that happened to Elle. I was tremendously proud to pass this important legislation--proof that, working together, we can find solutions to help keep New Yorkers safe.

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Very truly yours,

Micah Z. Kellner
Assembly Member