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Health Care Reform:

How Real and at What Price?

New York Society for Ethical Culture
2 West 64th Street (at Central Park West)

with ANTHONY WEINER, US Congressman SINSI HERNANDEZ-CANCIO, JD, Healthcare Equality Project, SEIU
LAURA S. BOYLAN, MD, Physicians for a National Health Program CHERYL MATHEIS, AARP

Admission is Free

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
7:00 PM

While Congress moves closer to a pivotal vote on health care reform, there is still confusion and tension around what reform will actually mean. Join us for Health Care Reform: How Real and at What Price? with U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York's 9th District; Dr. Laura S. Boylan, Board Member, Physicians for a National Health Program; Cheryl Mathias, Senior Vice President for Health Strategies, AARP; and Sinsi Hernández-Cancio, National Campaign Coordinator, Healthcare Equality Project, SEIU. The conversation will focus on the many questions that surround this complex issue. What will it cost? Will coverage be universal? Will there be a negative effect on current programs like Medicare? Will there be a private option? Are we merely tweaking a bad system? How do we go forward when there isn't even a consensus about the most basic question of all: Is health care a fundamental right?

Doors open at 6:30pm. Arrive early. For more information contact Julie Blutstein via email or at 212.874-5210 x 144.