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Dear Lucas,   

carahan_emily_photo_nyreblog_com_.gifDemocrats didn't only win back the White House and elect more than 30 new members to Congress in 2008 - we truly changed the direction in which our country is headed. I know you were a huge part of that movement and I can't thank you enough. Although we've made great strides, our work is far from over. It's crucial that Democrats strengthen our majorities in Congress.

That's why, at EMILY's List, we're dedicated to building a progressive America by finding outstanding pro-choice Democratic women running for office and giving them the support they need to win. We've helped hundreds of women across the country through our national network of savvy and committed supporters who want to elect more pro-choice Democratic women - and I wanted you to know about one of our candidates, Robin Carnahan, who is running for Senate in Missouri.

Robin Carnahan is exactly the kind of leader we need in Washington. But she will need vast resources to overcome her entrenched GOP opponent. In a true swing state like Missouri, every effort will be critical to getting this seat back in Democratic hands.

The June 30th fundraising filings are one of the first measures of our candidates' strength. Robin is counting on your support to put her over the top, and show the pundits, the operatives, and the press that she has what it takes to win.

Click here to help Robin Carnahan meet her fundraising goal by midnight tonight. Your contribution will go immediately and directly to Robin's campaign.

The right wing is coalescing around the GOP frontrunner, former minority whip Rep. Roy Blunt, a stalwart of the Bush era and one of Tom DeLay's inner circle when Republicans controlled Congress. He's received endorsements from leaders on the far right, including former Bush Attorney General and confidante John Ashcroft. And just last week, Blunt was endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, which lauded him for "being 100 percent pro-life."

Polls show a close race - and Robin must keep up with the Republicans' fundraising efforts on Blunt's behalf. Newt Gingrich recently helped raise more than $14 million for Republican Senate and House efforts, and you can bet they'll invest heavily in this race.

Robin is a superb candidate for this seat, so the Republicans will have their work cut out for them. When Robin was re-elected Secretary of State last year, she won more votes than any other candidate in the state's history. Raised in Missouri, Robin understands the issues facing the state during these challenging times. But Robin needs your help today so she doesn't fall behind on meeting her fundraising goal by midnight tonight.

Click here to make a direct and immediate contribution to Robin Carnahan.

The Republicans have signaled that they understand full well how important it is for them gain ground next year. That's why your early support for Robin is so important - it shows that she has what it takes to win.

Thank you so much for all you're doing to put America back on track.

Warmest regards,