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PropertyShark.com is having another one of its popular networking events, on Monday, March 2, 2009, at 6:30 PM at Le Poisson Rouge.

Here are the details:


The next PropertyShark.com real estate networking event will be in Manhattan on Monday March 2nd. To control the crowds, this event requires advanced registration and is FREE for current paid subscribers (plus a guest). 

You can pay $10 to attend, or subscribe to any of our subscription services and get free admission. ( Subscribe first , then RSVP for free admission).


See who has registered and RSVP at http://www.propertyshark.com/mason/rsvp.html .


Connect with over 500 NYC real estate  investors, developers, brokers, bankers and appraisers. Find referrals, jobs, and deals!





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Monday, March 2nd, 2009


06:30PM - 09:30PM

Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
Manhattan, NY

2 Free tickets for Paid PropertyShark Subscribers,
$10.00 for others

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According to the company's webite, these are the people who have RSVP'd thus far:

Todd R. Stevens Brokerage - Residential
Sam Wolf Investor / Owner
Aharon Friedman Investor / Owner
James Sharkey Investor / Owner
Roseann Vidal Acquisitions
Arthur Vidal Construction
Saima Chowdhury Investor / Owner
Benson Martin Legal
Rene Perrin Investor / Owner
R. Kenyatta Punter Development
Kenneth Brown Property Management
yigal niasoff Lending - Commercial
yankel Korolitzky Lending - Commercial
jason francois construction & investing
Jovan Francois Construction
David Zar Investor / Owner
Amanda Aziz Architecture
David Berger Development
Greg Belew Development
Michelle Rizzotto Lending - Commercial
John Scarambolo Government
mark fisher Acquisitions
Rich Maltz Auctioneer
Eitan Bouskila Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
alon noy Investor / Owner
Avi Noy Investor / Owner
kathleen sandoval Financial Institution
christine tripi Property Management
Steven Goldschmied Lending - Commercial
Johnny Su Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Johnny Su Brokerage - Commercial / Office
Anthony Santoni Urban Planning
louise hoffman Hospitality Industry
marvin davis real estate
Sarah Davis Property Management
Stephen Sunderland real estate
Nina Sunderland Brokerage - Commercial / Office
Joseph Ginex Development
Richard L'Altrelli Legal
Donna Lanzetta Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Richard Lewis Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
National Investment Investor / Owner
Emile Ohayon Construction
Mark Weissman Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Ari Schulman Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Timothy Dunphy Architecture
Marti Granizo-O'Hare Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Rosemarie Head Homebuyer
Shruti Mohanty Investor / Owner
Robert Nelson Brokerage - Residential
Eric Ord Brokerage - Residential
H. Fitz-Ritson Hewit Brokerage - Residential
Micheline H. Jones Brokerage - Residential
Jason Aramburu Investor / Owner
Abigail Cohen Urban Planning
Peter Calatozzo Legal
Carmelo Failla Acquisitions
Acheson Doyle Partne Architecture
Lou Martino Architecture
Dianne Henning Brokerage - Residential
Brian Lake Investor / Owner
Bryant Roman Brokerage - Residential
Catherine Molina Brokerage - Residential
Steven Roman Brokerage - Residential
david rosenberg Legal
Jeffrey Diamond Legal
Steve Birnhak Outdoor Advertising
Whitney McGuire Real Estate for Outdoor Advertising
Signature Partners Brokerage - Commercial / Office
Michael Pinney Brokerage - Commercial / Office
Derryl Zimmerman Legal
ISMET ERTAS Investor / Owner
John Rosenquist Brokerage - Commercial / Retail
David Weinstein Acquisitions
Amy Stevens Acquisitions
Max Rosin Acquisitions
Clara Landsman Homebuyer
Alexander Landsman Homebuyer
Alan D. Chasan
Property Works Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Erica Santiago Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Mimi Nguyen Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Julia Stein Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Jen Lee Equity Investment
Oi chau Homebuyer
Manuel Fabian Legal
Edward Lopez Legal
Larry Stryker Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Helena Ashton Brokerage - Residential
Anne Zelmati Brokerage - Residential
Endre Boksay Brokerage - Residential
Ross Berman Insurance Consultant
Aska Wada Brokerage - Residential
Anastasia Trifonoff Marketing
Natasha Sinkov Brokerage - Commercial / Retail
Deborah Fain Brokerage - Residential
Judy Karnas Brokerage - Residential
Jamie Kim Brokerage - Residential
Sung Gon Kim Investor / Owner
Harry Cohen Licensed RE Salesperson
Millicent Kaye Brokerage - Residential
Marcy Wasserman Brokerage - Residential
Kate Toale Brokerage - Residential
Inna Gallagher Brokerage - Commercial / Retail
tbd tbd Brokerage - Commercial / Retail
Barbara Kniffen Brokerage - Residential
Chian Garis Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Eileen Lerner Sales
David Hale Acquisitions
David Hale Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Marc Bryman Brokerage - Commercial / Retail
Bruce Robertson Brokerage - Residential
Lynne Van Auken Brokerage - Residential
Ellen I. Sykes, VP Brokerage - Residential
Drew Muller Insurance
Jonathan Carroll Insurance
cecil m simon Appraisal - Residential
Julia Mather Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Julie Larson Brokerage - Residential
Marc A Hohenstein Brokerage - Residential
M Shachar Interior Design
A Hazan Development
saul piller Property Management
saul piller Investor / Owner
arthur hung Brokerage - Residential
John Gomes Brokerage - Residential
Caroline Grane Brokerage - Residential
Meris Blumstein, SVP Brokerage - Residential
Sydney Blumstein Brokerage - Residential
Taryn Hammond Brokerage - Residential
Steve Brathwaite Brokerage - Residential
Jim Mann Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Sydney Blumstein Brokerage - Residential
Katie Hammond Non-profit
Eric E. Heras Development
Lior Politi Brokerage - Residential
Gina Taylor Brokerage - Residential
jon varnedoe Brokerage - Residential
M Guttman
Emily Stein Brokerage - Residential
david frankel Student / Professor
RONALD SMITH Lending - Residential
SYLVIA BANKS Investor / Owner
Milton Elbogen Brokerage - Residential
Sean Cohane Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Josh Cohane Development
Alwari Architects Architecture
Terrence Harding, VP Brokerage - Residential
Juliana Frei Brokerage - Residential
Richard Ferrari Brokerage - Residential
Guy Abernathey Brokerage - Residential
Jose Becerra Brokerage - Residential
Nora Walsh Financial Institution
Miroslav Muras Brokerage - Residential
Carol Holder Brokerage - Residential
Seth Dalton Brokerage - Residential
Charles Zullo Brokerage - Residential
Will Silverman Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Maryann Squires Brokerage - Residential
Mark Kapnick Real Estate Leasing /Retail
pedro espana Lending - Commercial
Michael Bartlett Brokerage - Residential
Richard Nymark Brokerage - Commercial / Retail
Patrick Blakslee, VP Brokerage - Residential
Julie Greene Interior Design
Seymour Miles Brokerage - Residential
BANJI AWOSIKA Architecture
Omolola Awosika Interior Design
evelyn wasserman Brokerage - Commercial / Office
brian berry Brokerage - Commercial / Retail
Douglas Reiser Accounting
moses cowan Investor / Owner
kobla asamoah Brokerage - Residential
Kimberly Lyn Pressma Brokerage - Residential
Mark Toubin Brokerage - Commercial / Office
Gary Martin Brokerage - Residential
Joel Campble Investor / Owner
Fredy Seidel Accounting
T.Iaccio BlakeIaccio Investor / Owner
greenford fleury Appraisal - Commercial
kren fleury Student / Professor
Michael Richman Brokerage - Residential
Amanda Jhones Brokerage - Residential
Nancy Cucuzza
Michael Genovese Financial Institution
Russ Lapso Brokerage - Residential
Greg Garwood Brokerage - Residential
Anthony Ursino Investor / Owner
Amanda Fung Press
Richard Graham Brokerage - Residential
Cynthia Wiley Interior Design
Ralph Wilkins Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Ralph Wilkins Brokerage - Commercial / Retail
Sergio Rubinstein Brokerage - Residential
Esther Ramos Brokerage - Residential
Barry Kimchy Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Ilana Gross Brokerage - Residential
Diana Han Brokerage - Residential
Lily Li Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Avromy Segal Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Avrom Walkin Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
steven jacobson Brokerage - Commercial / Office
Daniel Gabay Development
Jacob Zlotoff Accounting
Dimitrios Skretas Brokerage - Residential
Lena Simpson Brokerage - Residential
Kelvin Chan Investor / Owner
Lynn Kremsky Appraisal - Residential
Roberta Raeburn Home Inspector
Leslie Rupert Brokerage - Residential
Gerard Dermody Investor / Owner
Monica DeLardi Investor / Owner
thomas masucci Engineering
carmela vasaturo Engineering
Karen Gray Appraisal - Residential
Kwame Alexis Brokerage - Residential
Naomi Muramatsu Brokerage - Residential
GEORGE WALSH Appraisal - Residential
george walsh Appraisal - Commercial
John Leiser sales
Jeremy Frank Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Renande St. Vil Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Shay Zach Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Itai Akabi Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
frank dragotta Development
Erez Itzhaki Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Amit Barnoon Brokerage - Commercial / Office
Eddie Hidary Non-profit
Abraham J. Hidary Development
Mark Scotto Commercial Sales
Malcolm Louis Adams Brokerage - Residential
Ian Thornell Brokerage - Residential
florina tiriac Accounting
Yvette Donato Brokerage - Residential
Y Donato Brokerage - Residential
Chris Cabanillas
Ernest Gorriti Legal
Angel Tejada Brokerage - Residential
Robbie Gould Brokerage - Residential
Jon Leonard Brokerage - Residential
Christopher Hayes Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Lori Wilkas Brokerage - Residential
Aaron Fuchs Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Steven Katz Investor / Owner
Andrea Clark Brokerage - Residential
joe jacob Homebuyer
joe fried Homebuyer
David Legaz Brokerage - Residential
Maria Goris Brokerage - Residential
Milica Sekularac Brokerage - Residential
Maggie Hopp Brokerage - Residential
Robin Prescod Brokerage - Residential
Frank Prescod Brokerage - Residential
Olof Hermelin Brokerage - Residential
Brian Roseman
Brian Rosenman Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Alice Corporan Brokerage - Residential
Maria Toro Marketing
Anthony Cristi Lending - Commercial
Rodney Leon Architect in Residential Building \
Mike wahba Acquisitions
Lou Hunter Acquisitions
Mary Venezia Brokerage - Residential
Yerelyn Cortez Marketing
Brian Legum Brokerage - Residential
Josh Morgan Director of Business Development - Real Estate CEO (RE-CEO)
Antony DSilva Appraisal - Commercial
Stanly D'Souza Formerly a real estate agent
Robert Bernstein Brokerage - Residential
Angel Ramos IN Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Itai Nave Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Brian Leary Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Jordan Preston Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
barry susman Brokerage - Residential
orlando carrillo Brokerage - Residential
Agnes Czajkowski NE Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Nesli Erdogan Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Agustin Pena DT Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Joe Berko Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Emily Lau Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Steve Geller Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Steve Schlossberg DP Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Dmitriy Perelhstein Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Eli Garcia real estate
GINO PACHECO Investor / Owner
Stanley Krauze Brokerage - Residential
Shaun Osher Brokerage - Residential
Raphael Zeevi Brokerage - Residential
Sylvia Zeevi Brokerage - Residential
Annette Flores Brokerage - Residential
Steven Lopez Brokerage - Residential
dominique randolph Marketing
linda lindsay Interior Design
Leslie Bott Brokerage - Residential
Rohit Misra Investor / Owner
Charles Arnold Property Management
Steve Shaw Appraisal - Residential
Simon Shaw Appraisal - Residential
Marissa Watson Brokerage - Residential
Lisa Frederick Non-profit
EJS REAL ESTATE INC. Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
samuel strasser Accounting
anna sun Brokerage - Residential
Elaine Tross Brokerage - Residential
Harriet Greenberg Brokerage - Residential
Lawrence Lo Magno Construction
Mark Navarrete Investor / Owner
Brad Cohen Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Scott Clay Reiss Real Estate Broker & Developer
Delton Cheng Brokerage - Residential
Krista Serpico Brokerage - Residential
John Kim Appraisal - Commercial
Solomon Franco Investor / Owner
Sam Zabala Financial Institution
Yesim Numan Brokerage - Residential
Hakim Surmon Lending - Residential
Isabel Zenocratti Brokerage - Residential
Carolyn De Falco Brokerage - Residential
Hillel Elkayam Brokerage - Residential
Hope Rodriguez Brokerage - Residential
Renee Markarian Brokerage - Residential
Enrique Cruz Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Tiago Vasconcelos Development
leonie neufville Lending - Residential
matthew chin Brokerage - Residential
Luis Robayo Brokerage - Residential
Robin Cohen Accounting
Jeff Nolan Accounting
Richard Kessner Construction
Eve Kessner Design
Michael Kessner Property Management
David Lande Insurance
Mario J. Suarez Partner, Law Firm
Scott Burk Legal
jose polanco Legal
Edison Aulestia Legal
Jennifer Salas Legal
Paul Wong Brokerage - Commercial / Retail
Martin Mitchell Lending - Commercial
Sepp Seitz
Steve Yang Architecture
Ronnie Diane Reiman Legal
sheldon Leibenstern
Yudelka Nunez Legal
Eric McLendon Brokerage - Residential
Riochard Galli, P.E. Environmental
MAtthew Galli Environmental
carolynn venti Engineering
James A. Fenniman Insurance
Katherine Cavanaugh Insurance
Masae Katsuragawa Real Estate Agnet
Yoshihisa Jinno Brokerage - Residential
Joni Oh Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Tara Shirazi Lending - Commercial
Sandy Schwartz Legal
Andrew Mendelsohn Lending - Residential
Cindy McField-Asamoa Brokerage - Residential
shameika wade Brokerage - Residential
Setsuko Hattori Brokerage - Residential
eric truman Property Management
jeffrey rosales Investor / Owner
Juan Holgado Investor / Owner
LEON BULLOCK Investor / Owner
Constantine Frangos Development
Pantelis Frangos Construction
Cheryl Jordan Construction
raymond torpey Construction
raymond torpey Investor / Owner
frances sital Homebuyer
Maggie Batiste Student / Professor
JOHN manassakis Lending - Residential
emilio dimatteo real estate
Vito Chirico Investor / Owner
John Marciano Construction
James Nickerson Brokerage - Residential
Laurie Rae Waugh Brokerage - Residential
sharath chandra Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Jason Z Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Aaron Seawoood Brokerage - Residential
Priority Agency, Inc Insurance
Daniel Cao Insurance
Maggie Leigh Brokerage - Residential
Sarah Marshall Legal
Stanley Raj Insurance
Kenneth Singh Brokerage - Residential
Pat Franzese Marketing
Barry Spector Lending - Commercial
William Cairney broker
raul perez Brokerage - Residential
Abraham Goren Brokerage - Commercial / Investment Sales
Chris Halliburton Brokerage - Commercial / Office
Paul Thompson Homebuyer
David Mcgary Brokerage - Residential
Sharif Elias Khalek Acquisitions
Firooz F Dilmanian Development
Matthew Pope Brokerage - Residential
Julie Silver Development
Carlos Jordan Insurance
Omari Toomer
Sid Walker Brokerage - Residential
Cheryl Ryan Brokerage - Residential