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A reader sent us a link to a published attack on City Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez -- who is allegedly one of a number of local politicians embroiled in that whole City Council scandal involving millions of dollars in "misdirected" funds.

For some reason, Councilwoman Gonzalez is refusing to account for some $269,000 that were allocated to one of her local "nonprofit" groups.

Calls to the City Council (requesting the information) have been rebuffed.

So much for transparency and good government!

Of course, if the allegations prove true,  Councilwoman Gonzalez  is in deep sh*t.

posted by El Grito
Thu, 05/08/2008 - 10:34am

Earlier this week, while Council Member Sara Gonzalez was out on a Sunset Park pier with Council Speaker Christine "Oink, Oink" Quinn announcing new ferry service that most Sunset Park residents will never use, (Sara's gift for voting in favor of congestion pricing) the Daily News was reporting about her refusal to name the recipients of some $269,000 of our hard earned tax dollars that she's funneled through a local nonprofit.

If she can't name these groups and offer why they received this money, she should resign immediately.

These last few weeks, Gonzalez, Speaker Quinn and many of their colleagues in the pig pen that is the New York City Council, have fully demonstrated their contempt for their constituents by stashing precious funds with phantom groups and then using these funds to reward friends and cronies who do their bidding.

At a time when there are so many good, legitimate, effective and innovative groups, schools and programs in our neighborhoods that could really put this money to good use, Gonzalez and many of her colleagues are doling this money out as if it were coming out of their own purses or wallets.

It's shameful, outrageous and despicable. I applaud Civil Rights lawyer, and hopefully our next Public Advocate, Norman Siegel for filing a lawsuit against the New York City Council on behalf of the residents of this city who are outraged by this scandal.

If Sara Gonzalez won't show us the list (the same way she's refused to answer a recent Freedom of Information Act request), she needs to leave office now!

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