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A reader sent us a 30-second video featuring Dr. Murray Sabrin -- a Republican candidate for United States Senate (New Jersey).

Here's the text of his message which was released late last week (April 25, 2008):

I'm Dr. Murray Sabrin and I approved this message to Legalize Freedom.

While our nation's at war, and our economy staggers, we need conservative solutions to these serious problems. Here is The Sabrin Solution:

  • First, we must secure our borders from foreign terrorists and illegal immigrants.
  • Next, we must secure our economic well-being by getting government off our backs and out of our wallets.
  • And finally, we must secure a first-class education for our children.

I'm running for the United States Senate from New Jersey -- please join me at MurraySabrin.com .

"Doctor, it hurts when I do this!"

To view "Maverick Murray's" video, please use this link: " The Sabrin Solution "