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Would you believe that John J. Doherty , Commissioner of the New York City Department of Sanitation, has sent out a letter threatening every candidate who is on the ballot this coming election cycle?

In a copy of the correspondence we received earlier today, Commissioner Doherty warns candidates of a local law which authorizes the imposition of  fines and penalties against those who post a "handbill, poster, notice, sign, advertisement, sticker or other printed material" on city property.

Trees, lampposts, telephone poles, public utility poles, public garbage bins, bus shelters, bridges, elevated train structures, highway fences, parking meters, mailboxes, traffic control devices, traffic signs, benches, hydrants, and public pay phones are all off limits.

And, should a candidate lapse, there's a fine of no less than $75 (and as much as $150) PER PIECE of printed material found violative of law, which can add up to one hefty ticket.

The Commish ain't talking trash, folks!  (Or is he?)

To view a copy of Commissioner Doherty's letter, please use this link: Dept of Sanitation (August 21, 2007)