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This past weekend, I was in Boca Raton for the Thanksgiving holiday and came across an issue of "UNRESTRICTED" -- a South Florida sports magazine.

The November 2007 issue offers articles on the Dolphins , the Ford 400 in Homestead , former NFL running back Moe Williams , and, a feature piece on basketball's "Odd Couple" -- Shaq and Penny .

Of course, there's also "a quote to live by" offered by a Florida Panthers Ice Dancer.

You'll find " Maritza ," prominently displayed on page 35, in a scantily clad full-body photo, sharing the following insights with UNRESTRICTED's readers:

"Life is a course of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't have regrets and let reality be reality. Let things flow in whatever they like."

Words to live by?

Well, apparently, UNRESTRICTED didn't think so. 

While it's unlikely that Maritza was advocating serial killing -- or some other unsavory or illegal behavior -- UNRESTRICTED's publishers weren't so certain. For at the bottom of the page you'll find an interesting disclaimer:

Unrestricted does not officially recommend that anybody actually live by this quote.

Would anyone ever think a magazine called UNRESTRICTED would?

To download a copy of of the full-page piece, and to see her in the flesh, please use this link: Maritza