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Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Joe Trippi , Senior Advisor to presidential candidate John Edwards , and this was his response to a recent (November 28, 2007)  Mitt Romney slam of John's "Two Americas" platform.

Dear Lucas,

I couldn't believe it.

There, on national television, was Mitt Romney, multi-millionaire Republican nominee wannabe, attacking John Edwards for fighting for tens of millions of Americans who were not born into great wealth -- folks struggling every day to make the American dream a reality for themselves and their families.

Maybe Mitt Romney should step out of his bubble of privilege and start meeting real Americans -- people working longer hours for less.

Maybe Mitt Romney should follow in the steps of John Edwards and spend time walking with Americans struggling to rise out of poverty and listen to their stories.

Maybe Mitt Romney should pass on lunch with his millionaire investment buddies -- and spend time, as John Edwards has, with families in New Orleans struggling to rebuild their lives and homes while being ignored by their government.

Mitt Romney can bury his head in the sand and pretend the problems will magically go away. But you and I know that there are two Americas -- an America for Mitt Romney and his powerful, privileged friends -- and an America for everyone else. And it's time we had a president with the courage and the backbone to tell the truth.

John Edwards is fighting every single day for the millions of Americans who do not live on Easy Street -- and that's why I support John for president.

So, how many Americas are there?

(I've lost count.)

To download a video which responds to Romney's attack, please use this link: "There Are Not Two Americas"