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Last week , we reported on the votes which had been cast on November 6, 2007 -- the 2007 General Election -- for those seeking to be (or remain) a New York County Supreme Court Justice.

This week, we secured a copy of the " Statement and Return Report " for the candidates who had been running (county-wide) for Judge of the Civil Court of the City of New York, County of New York.

Here's how the three unopposed candidates scored:

Harold B Beeler              33,432

Dorothy Chin Brandt      36,642

Robert R Reed               35,199

Since the outcome was predictable, it's our opinion that the write-in votes were the most interesting part of this election.

If left to their own devices, here's how some of our fellow New Yorkers would have filled the available slots.

Tied in first place, with 3 votes each, were:

Rev. Al Sharpton

Eric Costello

Matthew Geller

Ricky Ray Rector (a deceased, convicted murderer)

Of the recognizable names, registering 2 votes (each) were:

Betsy Gotbaum

David Dinkins

Donald Trump

Sheldon Silver

Among those scoring a single, solitary vote were:

William Jefferson Clinton

Scott Stringer

Rudy Guiliani

Ralph Nader

Gerald Lebovits  (a future Civil Court Judge)

George Bush

Frank Nervo (another future Civil Court Judge)

Denny Farrell

Stephen Colbert

Donna Hanover  (will never be a Civil Court Judge)

Although Fern Fisher received two votes, a victory would have been a demotion for the current Administrative Judge of the Civil Court of the City of New York, since she is a sitting Supreme Court Justice.

How's that for truthiness ?

To download a copy of the 2007 results, please use this link: Statement and Return Report