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Voter turnout in New York State has recently fallen to disturbing levels, particularly during non-presidential election cycles. Since 1998, New York's rank among the 50 states has plunged from 37th to 46th. If this trend continues, voter turnout in New York could fall below 30%.
The goal of a new organization called "SHOW UP New York" is to increase voter turnout among young people and minorities, and to build a permanent base of politically involved New Yorkers.
Finkelstein Newman LLP has teamed up with SHOW UP in an effort to reverse voter apathy, and effect change. The response to our decision to get involved and be of assistance has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to a large number of e-mails and phone calls, we've received letters from an array of civic leaders expressing encouragement and support.
We were particularly honored to have heard from Congressman Charles B. Rangel. In a letter dated July 5, 2006, Congressman Rangel expressed his gratitude for our firm's efforts to assist SHOW UP in disseminating its message to the general public. In his letter, the Congressman expressed concern for New Yorkers' decreasing interest to participate in the democratic process. He wrote:

The level of apathy among our citizenry is attributable to many factors. In implementing an organization such as SHOW UP New York, you champion a cause that bas been an on going fight in our country. Young people and people of color can only learn the value of their vote only if they are shown what their vote can do. I commend your efforts in trying to address this threat to our democracy.
To learn how you can make a difference, please visit SHOW UP's website at: www.showupny.com or contact them directly at: 718-857-2006.
For a copy of Congressman Rangel's letter, please click on the following link:
July 5, 2006 letter