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'Tis the season to be fighting?

Who would think that an annual holiday celebration would be the occasion to depose an organization's President?  Apparently, not Carlos Manzano, the sitting President of the McManus Democratic Association.

At the group's Christmas party (held on December 18, 2006), Carlos was reportedly removed as the Association's President -- which came as a surprise not only to the membership (since there was no advance notice of an election) but to Carlos himself.  (We are advised that Carlos had a conflict, was unable to attend the event, and the unannounced election took place in his absence.)

Here's the e-mail Carlos circulated to members the day after the supposed vote:

Dear Lucas,

Politics does have a sense of humor.

As you know, I resigned the State Committee.  But I heard through the grapevine this morning that someone at the McManus Christmas-Holiday party took over the presidency last night.  That was quite a coup d'etat.  What I found interesting is that in my previous email I stated that I "intended" to leave the presidency.  For those of you who are attorneys, that word gives a lot of room for interpretation in a Court of law.

I find this "Claudius" approach interesting but dangerous, especially during our wonderful Holiday season.  What ever happened to the spirit of kindness, respect and loyalty?

While it is not my style to communicate in this form, I thought you should know.  After all, we are living on the West Side of Manhattan - not the Wild West (Side.)

I'll be in touch.


Carlos Manzano
McManus Democratic Association

321 West 44th Street, Room 203B
New York, NY 10036
t.   212.582.1347
e.  theclub@nyct.net
w. www.mcmanusdemocrats.com

Today, at 1:58 P.M., District Leader Jim McManus formally responded via e-mail to the many inquiries he had received from club members (and other interested parties) about what had transpired.  Here's the entire text of his explanation:

Dear Lucas ,

I am writing to clear the air and stop the messages, blogs and telephone calls concerning the Presidency of our McManus Midtown Democratic Association.

First, let me assure you that Carlos Manzano continues as President of this organization and will remain so until he, and only he, decides that his mounting outside interests conflicts with the demands of his presidency.  After serving as our President for 16 years and introducing so many Club reforms, in addition to assisting a countless number of Club members with varied problems, for him to make that decision to stay or not to stay, is the least that we owe him for his years of exemplary and unselfish service.

Now let me try and explain what caused all this commotion over Carlos' supposedly forced retirement as our President.  You will recall Carlos has very recently expressed his intent to leave the Presidency sometime during 2007.  Well, at our annual Christmas-Holiday party last Monday evening, it was announced, erroneously, that a new President, Michael Spillane, was elected to fill the post.  The speaker was mistaken and should have indicated that Michael was elected but would stand at the ready until Carlos decided, if and when, it was time to move on.  Unfortunately, Carlos received word that he was Claudius-ized before I could get to him and resulted in his much published email.  That's all folks.  I am deeply sorry for the confusion.

In closing, Denise, Carlos and I wish you, one an all, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


James R. McManus
District Leader
McManus Democratic Association
321 West 44th Street, Room 203B
New York, NY 10036
t.   212.265.2494


PS  I am Jim McManus, and I approve this message.

Prior to posting this piece, I sent the following question to Mr. McManus:

Hey Jim:

Who do I have to knock off to be Vice President? 

As of this writing, I have not received a reply.