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Just a few days ago, I met a client at relatively upscale-hotel restaurant for lunch. After being comfortably seated, the server proceeded to take our orders. My client gave the menu a quick glance and selected the hamburger--medium rare--with cheese. Before I could utter a word, the server abruptly stopped her scribbling, looked up from her notepad, confirmed the order, and exited the dining area.
There was an awkward silence as my client and I looked at each other, in disbelief. After what seemed like an eternity, the server returned with a form which she virtually thrusted in my client's face. Here's what the document contained (grammatical errors and all):

[Deleted] is an international company. Our motto is [deleted]. Which is why we dedicate a special interest to hygiene and food preparation.
It is our responsibility to maintain the highest quality control standards in our food avoiding its contamination (E:Coli). For this reason, we do not prepare seafood or ground meat raw or medium. (Hamburgers).
However, it is your choice to have your seafood or ground meat (Hamburger) prepared raw or medium, the restaurant will prepare the dish with the highest hygiene possible. Consumption is at your own responsibility.
I agree and take responsibility for the above.
Name and Signature
Predictably, the client handed me the document and said, "You're my attorney, do I sign or not? I ordered a hamburger, not heroin."
"How bad do you want the heroin?" I inquired, somewhat sardonically.
As my client contemplated his fate, the server asked what I wished to have for lunch.
"Is there a release form for bottled water?" I asked. "If so, I pass."
What is happening to our world? You know we're one step closer to the apocalypse when we've got to sign a release form before consuming a burger.
To view of the copy of the actual "consent" form, please click on the following link:
Consent Form