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Lawyers, stand up and be proud!
According to a report released by The Clorox Company--which just happens to be in the market of selling "disinfecting wipes"--lawyers are among the "least germy" professionals in the country!
Here's how we ranked on a nine point scale, from "germy" (#1) to "least germy" (#9):

1) Teacher
2) Accountant
3) Banker
4) Radio DJ
5) Doctor
6) Television Producer
7) Consultant
8) Publicist
9) Lawyer
The dirt doesn't end there.
According to recent surveys, while 57 percent of American workers snack at their desks at least once a day, a large chunk of us "only occasionally" clean our desks before eating. (And, according to Clorox, some 20 percent "never do.") But, even as far as these "surface stats" are concerned, lawyers still come out relatively clean.
Here's how we rate when it comes to common surface areas in our offices:
Most germy: Teachers
Least germy: Publicists
Most germy: Accountants
Least germy: Lawyers

Computer keyboard
Most germy: Teachers
Least germy: Bankers
Computer mouse
Most germy: Teachers
Least germy: TV producers
Most germy: Accountants
Least germy: Lawyers

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the average desk surface reportedly harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. How does that sit with you?
For a copy of the Clorox study, please click on the following link: