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Lucas, Republicans have woken up to the fact that they have a real race on their hands in Georgia: A GOP super PAC just launched $1 million ad campaign attacking Democrat Jon Ossoff and it's ... really weird.

The special congressional election happening next month has turned into a high stakes battle and could be an early indicator of the intensity of the resistance to Trump, but apparently all the GOP could dig up on Ossoff is that he dressed up as Han Solo in college.

This is not a joke. Somehow, this is an actual GOP attack ad. And even if it is strange, it's probably just the first of many millions that will be spent trying to beat down Ossoff.

Fight back against the GOP attacks. Can you chip in $5 to put Democrat Jon Ossoff over the top?

Here's why this election is so important:

Ossoff is running in a red district where Donald Trump is deeply unpopular—Trump's one-point victory here last November was a stunning 23-point collapse from Mitt Romney's showing in 2012. A Democratic victory here would send shockwaves through Congress, confirming the GOP's deepest fears that Trump is sinking their party, and could be an early indicator of huge Democratic wave in 2018.

Want to replace Trump's anti-Obamacare hatchet man with a Democrat? Then chip in $5 to Jon Ossoff right now.

Keep fighting,
Michael Langenmayr, Daily Kos


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