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When I was a kid, and it was time for me and my brother Joe to go to bed, my dad would tell us stories about a character named Stupid Daddy.

Stupid Daddy meant well, but he was...well, stupid. He did the dumbest stuff in the world, and every time we heard about Stupid Daddy, Joe and I would laugh until we were too tired to laugh anymore.

I'm a mom now, and my dad is a grandfather. Here he is reading to my son:

Dad likes to joke that his grandkids call him “Senator.” But to me and Joe, he’ll always be Stupid Daddy...well, Senator Stupid Daddy, I guess.

I want to make the Father's Day one to remember. Will you sign our card to senator, father, grandfather, and bedtime-storyteller-extraordinaire Al Franken?

Thank you!

Thomasin Franken


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