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I love my Dad, and I'm proud to wish him - and Dads across the city - a Happy Father's Day. My Dad is going to be a great Mayor because he loves this city and understands deep in his heart how much it has given him and our family.

When my Caribbean great-Grandparents moved to Harlem and later to Bed-Stuy in the early 1900s, all they wanted was the opportunity to work hard and raise their family. New York provided for them.

And when my Grandfather returned to the city as a decorated World War II veteran, he wanted to continue his service to his family, his city, and his country. Brooklyn gave him the opportunity to become a pioneering black elected official and distinguished judge.

Today, I live in the same Bed-Stuy home of my great-Grandparents and Grandparents. The same home on the same block where my Dad grew up. I know that, as Mayor, my Dad will make sure that New York City remains a place where every family in every community has the opportunity to live on a safe street, go to a great school, and find a fulfilling job.

Would you do me a favor? Click here and share the story of my Dad and my family with your Dad and your family.

Let your family know that my Dad will be dedicated to New Yorkers the same way he has been dedicated to his family - and the same way this city has been dedicated to all of us.

Happy Father's Day,

Jennifer Thompson


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